Navigable servitude of the US Government and State of _________or any political subdivision thereof and rights of the public to the use of any navigable waters covering any land included in the description of the insured premises.

Comment: When insuring a dockominium, a policy exception should be taken.


Dockominiums (permits and licenses)

The terms and conditions of all permits and licenses issued by federal, state, and local governments, their respective agencies, and quasi-governmental or private agencies having jurisdiction over the Project, including the US Army Corps of Engineers, the state of ________and the City of ________. 

Comment: Typically, the waters on which the dockominium is created is subject to the sovereign’s right to regulate waterways. Therefore, the dockominium will be granted and will exist by virtue of a license or permit from a government agency or agencies. The licensing entity may be the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, a state agency, or a state environmental agency or coastal management agency. Exception should be taken.