Environmental Matters

The policy excludes liability for environmental violations unless a notice is recorded. Notices may include governmental notices of landfill or hazardous waste sites, notices of violation of law, or cleanup liens. Owners may be required to record environmental notices. Private cleanup liens or covenants or environmental indemnities may reflect specific current violations. If so, each should be excepted, even if it is released.



Government Lien

Notice or lien concerning violation or enforcement of any law, ordinance, permit or governmental regulations relating to environmental protection recorded _______________.
Comment: Use this exception if a federal, state, or local notice of environmental or cleanup lien has been recorded.

See Underwriting Manual


Environmental Agreement

Terms and provisions of agreement relating to environmental remediation, removal, action or use recorded _________________.
Comment: Use this exception if an agreement relating to existing environmental issues is recorded.

See Underwriting Manual


Notice of Hazardous Substance

Hazardous materials, if any, as disclosed by document recorded ___________________.
Comment: Use this exception if a recorded document discloses the existence of hazardous materials.

See Underwriting Manual