LA ALTA Expanded Coverage Residential Loan Policy Sch A and B

SCHEDULE A File No. Policy No. Amount of Insurance: $                                                Date of Policy:                        or the date of recording of the Insured Mortgage, whichever is later. Street Address of the Land: 1. Name of Insured:  2. The estate or interest in the Land which is encumbered by the Insured Mortgage is:  3. Title to the estate or interest in the land is vested in:  4. The Insured Mortgage and assignments thereof, if any, are described as follows:  5. The Land referred to in this Policy is described as follows:  Subject to payment of the applicable endorsement premium, the ALTA endorsements selected below incorporated herein:  ENDORSEMENT 4 (Condominium) or  ENDORSEMENT 4.1 (Condominium) or  ENDORSEMENT 5 (Planned Unit Development) or  ENDORSEMENT 5.1 (Planned Unit Development)  ENDORSEMENT 6 (Variable Rate Mortgage)  ENDORSEMENT 6.2 (Variable Rate Mortgage -Negative Amortization)  ENDORSEMENT 7 (Manufactured Housing Unit)  ENDORSEMENT 8.1 (Environmental Protection Lien) referring to the following state statute(s): LSA-R.S.30:2281  ENDORSEMENT 9 (Restrictions, Encroachments, Minerals) SCHEDULE B - PART I File No.                                                            Policy No.   EXCEPTIONS FROM COVERAGE This policy does not insure against loss or damage (and the Company will not pay costs, attorneys' fees or expenses) which arise by reason of: 1.       All assessments and taxes for the year ________, and all subsequent years.     This policy does not include those endorsements listed under Covered Risks, unless the endorsement is checked off on Schedule A.  Schedule B- PART II In addition of the matters set forth in Part I of the Schedule, the title to the estate or interest in the land described or referred to in Schedule (A) is subject to the following matters, if any be shown, but the Company insures that these matters are subordinate to the lien or charge of the insured mortgage upon the estate or interest:

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