WA Request for Full Reconveyance Without Satisfaction 1

Request for Full Reconveyance

Without Satisfaction

The undersigned beneficiary is the legal owner and holder of the promissory note in the original sum of $____________________, secured by that certain Deed of Trust dated ________________________________, in which ____________________________ is grantor and _____________________________________________________ is trustee, filed for record on ____________________________, as Auditor's File No. _________, and recorded in Volume ______ of Mortgages, at page _______, records of ___________ County, Washington.

The note secured by said Deed of Trust has not been fully satisfied, and is not being surrendered to you for cancellation.

You are requested, upon payment of all sums owing to you, to reconvey without warranty, to the person(s) entitled thereto, the right, title and interest now held by you thereunder.

Dated ___________________________________



By ________________________________

(Name - Title)

By ________________________________

(Name - Title)

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