NJRB 3-05 Commitment Disclosure (NJ adopted 8/1/94) Revised 02/01/19



1.      By law, Blank Title Insurance Company is required to advise you that the Title Insurance Commitment issued by us may contain conditions, exceptions, exclusions, limitations, and requirements governing our liability and the coverage you may receive. REAL ESTATE TITLE TRANSACTIONS ARE COMPLEX. THE COMPANY DOES NOT REPRESENT YOU AND CANNOT GIVE YOU LEGAL ADVICE. YOU ARE ENTITLED TO REVIEW THE TITLE INSURANCE COMMITMENT WITH AN ATTORNEY AT LAW OF YOUR OWN CHOOSING, AT YOUR EXPENSE, PRIOR TO THE TRANSFER OF TITLE. WE STRONGLY ADVISE THAT YOU DO SO.

2.      THE ATTORNEY RETAINED BY YOU, OR BY YOUR LENDER, CLOSING OR SETTLING THIS TITLE IS NOT AN AGENT FOR AND DOES NOT ACT ON BEHALF OF BLANK TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY. THE COMPANY ASSUMES NO LIABILITY FOR ANY LOSS, COST, OR EXPENSE INCURRED BY YOU BECAUSE YOUR ATTORNEY OR YOUR LENDER'S ATTORNEY HAS MADE A MISTAKE OR MISAPPLIED YOUR FUNDS. Because the attorney is not our agent, we assume no responsibility for any information, advice, or title insurance promises the attorney may give or make. Our only liability to you is under the terms of the Commitment, Policy, and Closing Protection Letter – Single Transaction if you choose to obtain one.

3.      [If you desire to obtain protection from this company regarding the application of your funds or compliance with requirements relating to the issuance of the proposed policy, the company will, on request and the payment of the fees filed with, and approved by, the Department of Insurance, provide for a settlement service.]

4.      By law we are also required to advise you that we have been asked to issue a mortgagee policy to the lender in the amount shown on Schedule A of the enclosed Title Insurance Commitment. If you have not already requested it, you have the right and opportunity to obtain title insurance in your own favor for an additional premium which we will quote on request.

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