VA Affidavit of Settlement Agent 1


The undersigned hereby certifies that, in accordance with the provisions § 55-66.3 of the Code of Virginia of 1950, as amended and in force on the date hereof (the "Code") (a) the undersigned is a settlement agent as defined in subsection D of § 55-66.3 of the Code or a duly authorized officer, director, member, partner or employee of such settlement agent; (b) the settlement agent has satisfied the obligation secured by the mortgage and possesses satisfactory evidence of the payment of the obligation secured by the mortgage described in the certificate recorded herewith; (c) the settlement agent delivered to the lien creditor or servicer in the manner specified in subdivision E 1 of § 55-66.3 of the Code the notice of intent to release and possesses evidence of receipt of such notice by the lien creditor or servicer; and (d) the lien of the mortgage is hereby released.


(Authorized signer)

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