TX Borrowers' Affidavit for Residential Refinance 1




COUNTY OF _______________§

BEFORE ME, the undersigned authority, on this day personally appeared ___________________________ and ____________________, Affiants, being by me first duly sworn upon their oath did depose and say:

1. That Affiants are the Grantees in the Deed recorded in _______________ Records of _______________ County, State of Texas.

2. That Affiants are the owners of the following described property ("Property"):

3. That Affiants have executed and delivered a Deed of Trust or Mortgage to ___________________ ("Lender"), covering the Property.

4. That Affiants have delivered to _________________________ ("Title Company") a plat of Survey prepared by ____________________________________ and dated ____________________, 20_____ ("Survey").

5. The Affiants have actual knowledge of the Property since the date of the survey.

6. That since the date of the Survey, there have been no:

i. construction projects such as new structures, additional rooms, garages, swimming pools or deckings;

ii. changes in the location of boundary fences or boundary walls;

iii. construction projects on immediately adjoining property(ies) which construction occurred near the boundary of the Property; and

iv. conveyance or replattings or easement grants or easement dedications by the Affiants.

7. That Affiants agree that the Lender is relying upon this affidavit in making the loan evidenced by the Deed of Trust or Mortgage.

8. That Affiants agree that the Title Company as issuing agent for Stewart Title Guaranty Company ("Underwriter") and Underwriter are relying upon this affidavit to insure the lien created by the Deed of Trust or Mortgage and to amend the Mortgagee Title Policy area and boundary exception, subject as to "any shortages in area" and other exceptions Title Company or Underwriter deems appropriate.





COUNTY OF _________________§

SWORN TO AND SUBSCRIBED BEFORE ME by ____________________ and ______________________________, on this _____ day of ___________________, 20_____, to which witness my hand and seal of office.

_____________________________________ Notary Public, State of Texas

_____________________________________ Printed Name of Notary

My Commission Expires: ________________

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