TX Transfer of Lien 1


Date:[See § 101.6:1.]

Holder of Note and Lien:[See §§ 101.16 and .17 for information about naming and designating parties .]

Holder's Mailing Address (including county):


Transferee's Mailing Address (including county):



Original Amount:



Unpaid Principal and Interest:

Date of Maturity (optional):

Note and Lien Are Described in the Following Documents, Recorded in: [See § 406.3.]

Property (including any improvements ) Subject to Lien: [See § 101.19.]

Prior Lien(s) (including recording information): [See 401.3:4.]

For value received Holder of the note and lien transfers them to Transferee, warrants that the lien is valid against the property in the priority indicated, and represents that the unpaid principal and interest on the note are correctly stated.

When the context requires, singular nouns and pronouns include the plural.

[If additional clauses, like those suggested in § 406.4, are used, they should appear above the signature. Space is provided on the back of the form.]

[Acknowledgments are printed on the form but are not reproduced here. For information about acknowledgments, see § 101.1.]

No guidelines are available for this form at this time.